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If you are bringing in your dogs they must have current and up to date yearly booster vaccinations:

Yearly Boosters

These MUST be up to date and current at the time your dogs come in and we MUST see the up to date record before boarding your dog. There is no time lag required between concurrent vaccinations BUT if your dog has lapsed by more than 2 months they would require 2 new boosters given 4 weeks apart with a further 2 weeks after for the vacs to become effective before boarding.

Kennel Cough

WE DO NOT REQUIRE KENNEL COUGH HERE but if you are planning to have this done there MUST be at least 2 weeks between giving the vaccine and bringing your dog in kennels. This is because it is a live vaccine and your dog could spread the ailment which is highly contagious.


We can not board your dogs if the above conditions are not met - we do not want to disappoint you on

the day.

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