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With stunning views of Snowdonia and a quiet rural position, Gatehouse provides a tranquil, peaceful location where your dog can be looked after

in a safe, secure environment.

We invite you to visit us...

If you would like to visit and see the kennels or discuss your dogs requirements, please

call us to arrange an appointment. 

We have various sizes of traditional block built

kennels to suit most breeds either as a single dog

to a kennel or sharing. We can supply beds, bedding, insulated kennel mats and infra-red heat panels in

the cooler months of the year. We use a good quality working dog dry food but if you would prefer to bring your own dogs food as well as additional blankets,

toys etc that is fine. In addition we can give most

types of medication you supply if your dog has a medical condition.

Our kennels

The kennels themselves have a sleeping area to

the back with another area at the front - the dogs

are not shut into the rear of the kennel at night

so can access the front area at any time.

We lead walk all of the boarding dogs daily on the quiet country lanes surrounding the kennels and

in the dryer months we have a small exercise paddock with some agility jumps and hoop

where the dogs can show off their skills as well

as ball and toy play. There are also exercise yards

to the front of the kennel blocks where they are

free to run around.

Dog facts!

Your dog’s whiskers

   help him “see”

  in the dark!

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